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“The human body starts to decompose four minutes after death.”

Forensic anthropologist Dr David Hunter is no stranger to the physical process of death. The dead all have their story and Hunter is determined to find it . . . regardless of the personal cost.



“A body starts to decompose four minutes after death. Once the encapsulation of life, it now undergoes its final metamorphosis. No longer animate, the body becomes a feast for other organisms.”

David Hunter

“Us islanders don’t take kindly to outsiders telling us how it is. Trust is a precious thing and to our ears it’s beginning to sound like you don’t trust us.”

Ian Kinross

“The dead won’t leave you alone.”

Grace Strachan

“I did a spot of research after our chat. You’ve quite a CV, Dr Hunter. Not what one might expect from a village GP.”

DCI Mackenzie

“Given the right temperature, everything burns – wood, clothing, people. At 250 degrees celsius flesh will ignite, skin blacken and muscle contract. Of the soft tissue the organs are always the last to go – cocooned in moistness they will hold out to the bitter end. But bone is different. It resists the hottest of fires, often retaining its ghostly shape even when all the carbon has been burned from it – a final bastion stubbornly clinging to the memories of a life once lived.”

David Hunter

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